Who is it for?

Could Sophrology be right for you?

Sophrology is accessible and adaptable to all ages and abilities . If you have specific needs, just share it with your Sophrologist so the session can be tailored to your specific needs and goals.

  • Students: prepare for exams, balance energy levels, learn how to relax, improve concentration, develop a positive attitude toward the future.
  • Professionals/corporates/companies: improve people’s ability to cope with pressures of the modern world. Benefits include learning to manage stress, improving productivity, developing full potential, and finding purpose.
  • Families: for parents and children, for couples – find more harmony and positively deal with daily life.
  • Pregnancy: to positively assist with pregnancy, and prepare for birth and changes ahead.
  • Athletes – Artists: find balance and motivation, improve performances, mentally prepare for competition like famous sportsmen Yannick Noah and Steve Ballesteros, known for using Sophrology. Also beneficial to team performances.
  • Schools: teach pupils from an early stage how to relax and concentrate, improve their learning processes and cope with pressure. Also beneficial to teachers and staff to cope with their daily work.
  • Health and medical environments: support patients and professionals to manage stress, find balance and wellbeing. Working alongside medical professionals to support people during disease, pain or invasive treatments. Promote recovery and positive attitude.
  • Associations/charities: introducing Sophrology to a specific group adapting the method to their specific needs.


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