Welcome to The Sophrology Network. Our website is dedicated to the diffusion of Sophrology in London and the UK.

This is a platform to find information about Sophrology in the UK, to help you find a Sophrologist near you or where to join a group class. If you are a qualified Sophrologist working in the UK, you might want to join to help us spread the love!

Sophrology offers tools and strategies for everyone to deal positively with life’s events by using their inner resources. It is practised through breathing, relaxation, concentration, meditation and simple movements.

Sophrology is based on a combination of Oriental traditions (Yoga, Zen and Buddhist meditation), Western techniques (relaxation, hypnosis) and philosophies (phenomenology and psychology). Easy to practise, the method can be used by anyone.

No special equipment needed – just you, your mind and a chair!

We are passionate about bringing Sophrology to the UK, here’s a little background on each of us and the story so far…

Based in London, The Sophrology Network has been founded by Brigitte, Catherine, Florence, Dominique and Annnik, whose lives have all been enriched by the experience of Sophrology. It had helped them so much that they have decided to become Sophrologist themselves! They trained in France or Switzerland and then in Andorra with the founder of the method, Professor A. Caycedo and his daughter Dr Natalia Caycedo.

Getting together in London, they felt a drive to spread the method in the UK, creating The Sophrology Network in 2011. In 2014, they have opened the network to welcome other Sophrologists who are equally passionate about working with the method.

What are the benefits of Sophrology?

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