“The science of the harmony of the consciousness”

Sophrology originated in Spain in the 1960’s and has since been continually developed and adapted by its creator, Professor Alfonso Caycedo, a Spanish neuro-psychiatrist.

Sophrology is based on a combination of Oriental traditions (Yoga, Zen and Buddhist meditation) Western techniques and philosophies (relaxation, hypnosis, phenomenology, psychology). Professor Caycedo  studied them all; he then combined and adapted them to create a unique structured method that can be easily used in our daily lives.

The method involves exercises based on breathing, relaxation, meditation, concentration and simple movements.

Although not very well known in the UK, Sophrology has been widely practised throughout continental Europe for the past 50 years, gaining an increasing acceptance for its benefits to well-being. More and more health insurance companies in France and Switzerland now include cover of Sophrology sessions as part of any broad-based health insurance plan. In the UK, Sophrology has recently been recognised by the Complementary Medical Association and the Institute of Complementary and Natural Medicine.




Sophrology includes 12 progressive levels, known as the 12 degrees of Caycedo Dynamic Relaxation (CDR). Most people work on the first four levels which form the first cycle. Those willing to go further can practise cycles 2 and 3 with a qualified Master Caycedian Sophrologist.