Drawn after his second session, the magic ball Charles is blowing out to the sky, containing everything bothering him…


Charles (9 years old) 12/05/2016

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After the session, I had physiotherapy session the following week and I spoke to the physiotherapist about our sophrology session. Although he had not heard of sophrology before, he noticed that I seemed quite a lot more relaxed and that I seemed more aware of my body than before. So, others noticed the instant impact as well which is really positive.

Catrin, 27 years old 12/05/2016

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Lucy’s drawing after the 1st session relating to her special place where she feels safe : her own house with her cat.


Lucy (6 years old) 11/05/2016

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My daughter takes more initiatives. She memorises her lessons much more easily.

The mother of 8 year old Lili 10/05/2016

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I could not feel anything else than my body completely relaxed, my own existence, not thinking about anything else.

Tony, 36 years old 10/05/2016

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I felt calm and relaxed like the world stopped.

Kylan, 11 years old 10/05/2016

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