I came across sophrology a year ago as a technique to help me stop smoking. I am very satisfied by the results. The techniques that I learnt at the time still help me to release my tensions for a better daily balance.

I came across sophrology a year ago as a technique to help me stop smoking. 12/05/2016

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Sophrology helped me think about the delivery in a calm, positive way. On D Day, I was able to cope with the first 20 hours of labour at home. I arrived at the hospital only three hours before my baby was born. I managed with the pain although it was a posterior baby.
Since then, I often use the Sophrology techniques whenever I need them, to reduce my anxiety or help me fall asleep.

Sophrology helped me think about the delivery in a calm, positive way. 12/05/2016

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I have been seeing Valérie for regular Sophrology sessions for a few months now. I have found this very beneficial. For example, I have had longstanding difficulties breathing through my nose and this is now vastly improved, after many years of thinking it was not something I would ever be able to do. My breathing technique is improved as a result. I have become better at listening to my body. I have also been able to become more relaxed and gain a much more positive perspective on my life, from a starting point where everything seemed gloomy and the world was full of insurmountable problems.

I am very keen on the fact that Sophrology does not need to delve into the complex reasons behind a problem and instead provides techniques to address, cope with and reduce the symptoms of the problem, leaving one in a stronger emotional position from which to deal with the problem.

I find Valérie to be a very positive and supportive Sophrologist. I have found the sessions to have a positive impact on my life. Valérie tailors the type of exercise I learn to meet my needs and I have found them all very relevant to my situation. I can recommend Valérie as a Sophrology practitioner. I enjoy my sessions with her and look forward to them each week.

Hannah P., 36 years old (depression) 12/05/2016

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Brigitte has the most wonderful gentle way with her that puts you completely at ease and therefore in a good place for making progress. I use her method to relax when stressed which is very successful. l would certainly recommend Brigitte if you want to try Sophrology.

Linda 69 years old 12/05/2016

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I started sophrology to help me control my nerves and handle pressure when boxing, and not only has it contributed massively to my boxing, it has also had a huge effect on my life in general. After taking part in sophrology for only a short matter of time I now feel a lot more confident in myself. I am able to handle stressful situations being in boxing or life and I've also learnt how to be more positive rather than negative. Sophrology for me has been a really great and helpful experience so far.

Billy, 19 years old, Senior Elite boxer (Mental preparation for sport competitions) 12/05/2016

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I have been doing Sophrology sessions with Claudia for the last six months. During that time I was faced with different issues in my personal and professional life. I was informed at work that I would be made redundant in a couple of months, with this information I became anxious and stressed.  I was able to overcome and cope with my anxiety and stresses with the breathing techniques, soft physical exercises and visualisation offered during the sophrology sessions. After each session I felt calm and cleansed from my head to my toe. The sessions has helped me to find the courage to start looking for another job and to realise that losing my job is not the end but the beginning of something new. I was able to start my new job shortly after my redundancy and I am very happy with my new beginning. I am still doing my sophrology sessions at home and my breathing techniques on a daily basis.


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