An online conference for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020, organised by
Darwin Gray LLP.

Kindness to the mind

Sophrology practitioner, Valerie Lewis, founder of Sophrology Wales, provided an online taster sophrology session designed to improve mindfulness and stress management.



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Claudia managed to lower my stress levels and provided me with some tools to do this on my own.
With her warm personality and calming voice, she will guide you in the world of sophrology.
If you are looking for an easy approach to feel more relaxed, or simply have a clearer view on your purpose in life, sophorology could be the answer.

Cedric Vandepitte, Belgium 18/03/2019

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I had the pleasure of working with Claudia for almost 2 months on a 1 on 1 basis as well as in a group setting. The way in which she promotes, and instructs sophrology shows a high level of professionalism and passion for the art.
Claudia's soft spokenness is utterly dream-provoking and the practice itself supported and assisted me through troubled sleep, trauma recovery and burnout.
I would promote Claudia and sophrology to anyone looking to bring calm, peace and newness into their lives.

Tobey Martin, Australia 18/03/2019

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When I met Valerie, I'd been in near constant joint pain for 3 months. As a consequence, I wasn't sleeping well and the snippets I was getting were poor quality. My stress levels were through the roof; juggling family life, work & anxiety about the diagnosis I was facing as well as my newfound decreased mobility & increased pain.

4 weekly sessions of learning techniques of how to breathe, relax, think & manage my days intentionally have meant my stress and pain levels are reduced - sleep quality improved overnight.

I now have techniques in my toolbox I can pull out at any given time. With continued practice the techniques get easier and are more effective.

I recommend everybody sign up for Valerie's free taster sessions as I can't think of anyone who wouldn't benefit from this method to improve health & wellbeing.

I 💚 Sophrology!

Nessa Kate 17/03/2019

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I've done gym classes, yoga, Pilates, stopped smoking, basically any self-help thing I could have done, I've done, and nothing has made a difference. However today Sophrology is the first time in three years I've been able to switch off my mind.

Global Investments Professional 06/02/2018

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Back in may I suffered from a severe panic attack. After this episode, I could no longer drive and experienced a permanent anxiety state. Joelle Dupuy, a qualified sophrologist,  created a customized programme for me and guided me through 6 extremely useful sophrology sessions. She basically helped me to understand my body signals, to relax and to use my breathing to bring back peace to my body and mind.  She taught me some very useful breathing and easy physical exercises   which I am still using now.

Christine T 26/09/2017

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