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Is stress, anxiety or tension holding you back day-to-day, perhaps making it difficult to sleep or focus? Could you benefit from feeling a lot calmer and balanced day to day?

Sip on a Bamford Organic Infusion while Dominique guides you through an afternoon of relaxation, empowerment, and transformation with Sophrology before leaving with a Bamford gift bag.

Hailed by everyone from The Guardian to The Times and Evening Standard as the UK’s next biggest wellness trend, Sophrology is a simple practice to overcome stress, balance body, and mind and live up to your full potential. At the crossroads between western science and eastern philosophies, the practice of Sophrology uniquely blends relaxation, breathing, body awareness and visualisation into a simple and step by step method. Despite being new to the UK, it has been widely practised in France and Switzerland for decades by Olympic athletes and high-flying CEOs, students, and mums-to-be to find energy, positivity, focus and resilience in daily life or to prepare for specific events.

Join Dominique Antiglio, a globally sought after Sophrologist, author of the Best Selling book the Life-Changing Power of Sophrology, Founder of BeSophro, and resident Sophrologist at The Haybarn. Dominique’s expertise in stress-management is regularly sought in the media and her work has been featured in the Times, The Guardian, ELLE and Marie-Claire among others.

Born in Switzerland, Dominique was introduced to Sophrology at 15 years old to overcome health issues, learning early on the ways to positively connect with herself and embrace a new way of living.

Price: £45

Date/Time: 23rd Feb 2-4pm