Valérie Lewis

Sophrology practitioner, Founder of Sophrology Wales

Having had a 15-year career in marketing and communications in the UK, a natural pause to have children allowed me to reflect on what I wanted to do next.

I could see during time at work the effects of stress at close hand, my own and that of colleagues and I often wondered if there was a better way of dealing with it. I realised I wanted to help people directly and investigated various types of therapy to find which ones appealed to me.

I came across sophrology through internet research and set about finding out as much as possible. It all made sense to me. I was particularly interested in its applications for elite sports people as I had myself been a martial arts practitioner to quite a high level in my twenties and realised that I’d been practicing a form of sophrology in preparing for competition way back then.

I completed my practitioner diploma through the Sophrology Centre based in Geneva, Switzerland and since then have been helping different clients with an interesting mix of challenges and aims such as an elite amateur boxer coping with nerves to a mother with anxiety and depression.

Sophrology for me is such a powerful yet simple, natural and safe method to change people’s lives. I’ve seen it transform my own and my clients’ wellbeing.

It is a wonderful method to help us enjoy life in a more proactive, self-confident and positive way and everybody should do it!