The Sophrology Academy

Sophrology training centre

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Ashford Kent, UK

At The Sophrology Academy we develop professional expertise in Sophrology and wellbeing

Learn how to help others manage their stress, sleep, and life balance.

For a career change or to gain even more expertise in your existing profession as a therapist, counsellor, coach, midwife, teacher, sports coach, HR professional…

Train with us and become a member of our UK team of Sophrology practitioners.

The Sophrology Academy offers a range of training courses for those interested in learning about Sophrology:

Sophrology Foundations:
For practicing coaches, therapists, counsellors, and health care professionals. Add a powerful new tool to complement your practice and help your clients better manage their energy, stress, sleep, and overall life balance.

Sophrology Practitioner Diploma:

A two-year programme resulting in a Sophrology Advanced Diploma from the Sophrology Academy and a Professional Sophrologist Certificate delivered by FEPS (Federation of Sophrology Professional Schools).

See the website for more information on these and other courses.

“Although it can be quite scary to start a new chapter and start training, it didn’t take me long to get confirmation I had made the right decision. The academy is a model of professionalism with high standards. As a bonus I made a number of fantastic friends and feel very supported in my new life as a Sophrologist.” Sophie

“Sophrology is the secret ingredient that was missing from my life! I’m so glad I discovered The Diploma course at the Academy in Ashford and I am so excited to bring Sophrology to Scotland.”   Nadia


Sophrology Practitioner Diploma – A fully-accredited 400-hour course over 2 years:

  • one weekend a month of face to face training from September to July for 2 years
  • 20 hours of group practice sessions
  • online resources
  • around 300 hours of personal work per year
  • a 12-hour internship
  • a mentorship programme

For more information, see or email