The Sophrology Academy

Sophrology training centre

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Ashford Kent, UK

The Sophrology Academy is the very first training centre in the UK teaching Sophrology:
we will train you to become a fully qualified and recognised Sophrologist, a booming profession in continental Europe that is now becoming widely popular in the UK.

Learn how to help others manage their stress, sleep, and life balance.

For a career change or to gain even more expertise in your existing profession as a therapist, counsellor, coach, midwife, teacher, sports coach, HR professional…

Train with us and become a member of our UK team of Sophrology practitioners.

The Sophrology Academy offers a range of training courses for those interested in learning about Sophrology:

Discover Sophrology
An introduction to the philosophy, the method and the simple techniques of Sophrology, and how easily they can be incorporated into daily life.

Sophrology in Practice
For practicing coaches, therapists, counsellors, and health care professionals.
Add a powerful new tool to complement your practice and help your clients better manage their energy, stress, sleep, and overall life balance.

Sophrology Advanced Diploma
Graduates will receive at the end of the two years a Sophrology Advanced Diploma from the Sophrology Academy and a Professional Sophrologist Certificate delivered by FEPS (Federation of Sophrology Professional Schools).

See the website for more information on these and other courses.

The Sophrology Academy is a member of the prestigious FEPS (French Federation of Sophrology Professional Schools). It is recognised as a school of excellence in Sophrology.