Sophie McGrath

Sophrology Practitioner


Bond Street / Clapham

Working for many years in the media industry, in a very competitive environment and with high executives, I gained a clear and deep understanding of what it is to be under pressure and how to build resilience and confidence in stressful situations.

Passionate and fascinated by sophrology, I finally decided it was time to train as a sophrologist myself, and help people to find their inner peace, reveal their own potential and find the resources to deal with all the challenges they may face.

Being able to create a positive mind set and knowing how to maintain an optimistic attitude in life is certainly one of the most valuable assets in today’s world!

Trained at the sophrology Academy in the UK, I got the opportunity to learn from very experienced sophrologists and it’s an honour to work with them today! If you have any question or if you want to find out more about sophrology, feel free to contact me; it’d be a pleasure to guide on this wonderful journey of self-discovery!


25 Abbeville Road London SW4 9LA

58 South Molton Street London W1K5SL

Home visits and Skype/Facetime sessions available.