M Beauregard

Marion Beauregard

Sophrology Advanced Practitioner Diploma and Complementary Therapist

07929 056 135

Plymouth, Devon

I attended a Sophrology discovery session as a teenager when I lived in France and I practiced the few stress management techniques we learnt ever since in my everyday life. It is not until a few years later that I started to explore the method further and train as a practitioner.
My interest in health and wellbeing and personal development started developing in 2007 when struggling through a period of self-doubt and unhappiness. I worked in an office environment, in the field of marketing and felt completely out of place and disconnected from myself and my real aspirations.

After spending a few months travelling and volunteering in Peru and Nepal, I discovered a passion in helping people and experienced different ways to reconnect with my true self, my values and find a new balance my life. I explored Buddhist meditation, yoga, massage and reflexology and when I came back to the UK, I changed career and became a complementary therapist.

I trained in Swedish massage and Reflexology and soon felt the need to add another dimension which would enable to reconnect body and mind on a deeper level and create a long lasting positive impact on both mine and my clients’ wellbeing. Sophrology is a very rich method inspired from both Eastern and Western practices and it presented itself to be the ideal path for the next step in my personal development and training.

I trained at the Sophrology Academy in Kent with advanced specialisation in stress, burnout, self-confidence and dynamic Sophrology and am now working towards my master in Caycedian Sophrology.

Sophrology has changed my life and helped me feel whole again. I feel that I am now exactly where I need to be, helping my clients restore harmony within themselves, feeling full of vitality and confidence. Sophrology is a gentle, yet powerful method to connect with our inner resources to feel calm, relaxed and positive in our everyday lives. The beauty of the method lies in the fact that it provides technique that are easy to re-use on our own to reduce stress levels, sleep better and approach life’s challenges in a calm and positive way.

I offer one-to-one sessions to teenagers and adults experiencing high levels of stress, poor sleep quality and/or who would like to prepare for specific future events (such as childbirth, public speaking, exams, etc.). I also run half day workshops on specific topics (stress and sleep) as well as tailored programmes for businesses. I am also currently undertaking a masters in social work.