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Laetitia Dehauteur

Sophrology Practitioner

0790 167 0563

North and Central London

I discovered Sophrology in my 20’s, at a time when I was lacking direction and confidence. I had been exploring the relationship between body and mind for a while through the practice of dance, physical theatre and jazz singing improvisation but Sophrology took this exploration a step further, or should I say a step deeper! Inside there was a whole world and resources in hand for a more anchored and balanced self, easily reachable with Sophrology!


In my 30’s the births of my three sons were a really empowering experience where I remembered the power of listening in, but even more so, the power of connecting to your body and your intuition. In that time again, 10 years later, all the techniques of Sophrology, yoga and singing kicked in.


Came from these experiences, as well, a strong feeling of wanting to give back what I had received:  I wanted to work with mums, families and caring professionals.


So, after a career as a Project/service manager in Arts, Education and lastly Health, I worked as a nursery support worker whilst exploring my options for a new career. Keen to give my best at my job and be the perfect mum for my three boys, I forgot an important thing, that life reminded me very quickly…. you can’t take care of others if you don’t take care of yourself first. Start with yourself, start within! What best tool to do so than Sophrology, the science of consciousness in harmony: learn to recentre in mind, body and spirit, learn to welcome things as they are in a positive, kind and non-judgemental way.


So I looked for a group to practice Sophrology and I came across the Sophrology Academy in Ashford:… that was it! Sophrology was the next obvious step to my career journey!

    And as it turned out, going back to Sophrology was the next obvious step in my whole life: as a woman, as a mother and as a professional. As a Sophrology practitioner, I feel privileged to pass on that great empowering tool and witness how Sophrology brings change into people’s life and wellbeing.


I see adults, children, adolescents and families in North and Central London one to one or in a group. I also work in schools with pupils and teachers.


You can contact me on or on 0790 167 0563.


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