Kate Forrester

Sophrology Practitioner

For 35 years, I happily worked as a drama teacher and coach and, quite naturally taught my students about breathing and body awareness, about managing stress and emotions. 
To improve my teaching, I studied Meditation , became a Laughter Yoga coach , a Hypnotherapist and  also trained in Sophrology at the Institut de Formation a la Sophrologie in Paris, the first school to establish a professional certification, the RNCP, which I passed in Feb 2017.
One day, I opened my stress management workshop –  based on sophrology exercises- to the public at large and was overwhelmed by the positive feedback I got. It was deeply humbling and very gratifying to see how impactful these exercises were.   I felt then I had really found my vocation : I had been a very happy drama teacher and would now become an even happier Sophrologist! 
What I love about Sophrology is how simple and easy it is to fit on a daily basis- even in a very busy schedule.
It is a deeply empowering method: teaching people the tools they need to be fully present in the moment, to develop a positive attitude, to express themselves in a truly authentic way and tap into their creativity.
As a qualified professional, I can help people with stress management, especially stress around exams / public speaking…anxiety issues, sleep disorders.
My forte is how I link sophrology and creativity. So whether you are an artist, a writer, a journalist , a publicist, or work in any field that is based on your creative talent, I can help you overcome any creative blocks. and boost your natural talent.