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North Lincolnshire / Cornwall retreats

It is some 10 years ago that I discovered sophrology in a way I can only
describe as serendipitous. During one of my rarer recreational visits back to my native town of Lille, I had settled into an early daily morning jog routine that would combine my need for some physical activity and a time to reconnect with this place called ‘home’. Whichever route I chose, I was inextricably struck by the recurring sight of a word new to me: ‘Sophrology’ . Plaques appeared at the entrance of a local clinic, on the door of a dental surgery or a yoga studio even…yet I had never heard of this word before! As I researched its meaning, I came across the Sophrology Academy, then based in Canterbury, and thus began my discovery journey into this wonderful therapeutic technique.
Sophrology is unique: it teaches the ‘how’ method to many self-development books already available on the market. It is, of course, wonderful to be able to read one book after another, and to study many various aspects of positive psychology for our betterment, by one author and then another. But to find a simple set of tools that can be practised regularly to help us fulfil our potential, well, that is really something else. It is like hitting the jackpot!
And so, this is why I am passionate about sophrology!
With a background of over 30 years in education as a teacher and a counsellor, my aim was always to help clients (with various educational needs) to reach their objectives.
In 2012, I began a 2 year training programme to fully qualify as a sophrologist.
My overall aim and mission had become clear by then: to help others fulfil their life potential rather than just an educational potential.
I officially retired from teaching in 2013 in order to continue teaching on a private basis and to pursue my work as a sophrologist.
I believe that through sophrology I am able to help clients: release their anxieties and their fears of failure, become more accepting of themselves and of others, improve their mind/body connections, develop greater love of themselves, enjoy more meaningful relationships, attain a sense of peace and joy as ultimate fulfilment.
As an endurance athlete, I also have a special interest in helping clients with a specific sporting goal.
I work in English and French.
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