Glenys Tucker

Sophrologist and Director of OSKA Coaching and Development

07836 271 624

Gloucestershire, West Midlands and South Wales

Glenys is a qualified Coach and Sophrologist with a passion for helping her clients to increase self-awareness and build personal resilience, confidence, and self-belief.

Her focus is on working with individuals and groups to enable them to reach their full potential professionally whilst ensuring they balance and underpin their success by building their personal resilience and improving and maintaining their wellbeing.

Combining emotional intelligence profiling and coaching techniques with sophrology allow her to support individuals to make a positive change in attitude and improve work performance and achieve a calm, clear mind and a relaxed body. Regular practice of sophrology gently works to restore contentment with life and the method is particularly helpful for those with a busy mind and a tendency to become anxious and stressed by the pressures of a hectic life.

 Glenys offers one to one coaching and/or sophrology consultations to provide support tailored to the client’s particular situation and needs. She also facilitates sessions for groups in the work place and in her local area.

 Glenys discovered sophrology when she was recovering from the physical and emotional effects of cancer at the same time as she was starting her coaching business. Sophrology helped her to focus on all ofthe positive things she had in her life and the opportunities open to her, rather than seeing the world as threatening and uncertain. Her own experience made her want to share what she had discovered with others and she works one to one and with groups to support those living with challenging health conditions to help them to cope with the physical and emotional impacts.

A qualified Sophrology Practitioner, she also holds postgraduate qualifications in executive coaching and leadership mentoring, emotional intelligence profiling and building resilience.