Florence Parot

Sophrology Advanced Practitioner Diploma FEPS

I discovered Sophrology through my own burnout aged only 23.  It helped me so spectacularly that years later I decided to train as a Sophrology practitioner, leave the corporate life and help others not go through the same ordeal.
Today, I am an international expert in stress and sleep management. My clients are busy and talented people under pressure and I help them manage extreme stress as well as prevent burnout and adrenal fatigue. Like me, my clients have discovered in the process how some very simple exercises allow them to maximize their performance without compromising their health.

I created the first Sophrology training centre in the UK: The Sophrology Academy, recognised in 2013 as a centre of excellence by the profession. I am a member of the Editorial Committee of the French magazine “Sophrologie, Pratiques et Perspectives”, published my first book: Instant Serenity for Life and Work: An Introduction to Sophrology in 2012 and wrote as the burnout expert for Guide de Sophrologie Appliquée, a book directed at Sophrology professionals in France (Elsevier Masson – 2014). I was elected President of FEPS (Federation of Sophrology Professional Schools based in France) in February 2016.

You can also find her at www.sophroacademy.co.uk