Dominique Antiglio

Master in Caycedian Sophrology/BSc(Hons)Ost, Founder of BeSophro

02078 136 523

Central London W1

As a Sophrologist, my aim is to empower people to find a better balance and unlock their true potential. I notably specialise in stress-management, self-development and birth preparation.


I started Sophrology at 15 years old in my native country Switzerland as I was struggling with tensions and health issues. Practising Sophrology allowed me to learn early on ways to positively connect with myself, overcome my difficulties and embrace a new way of living. At 25, I graduated from the renowed European School of Osteopathy in Kent obtaining my Bsc(Hons) Ost. I came back to my native hometown and ran a successful osteopathic clinic for a decade. In parallel, I continued my personal development journey with Sophrology and trained as a Sophrologist. I gained my Masters in Caycedian Sophrology in 2006, notably training with Professor Caycedo, the founder of the method and exploring Sophrology with many other wonderful Sophrologists on the Continent.


In 2011, having witnessed so many positive changes through the power of Sophrology for myself and my clients, I decided to move to London, a city I love, and to create BeSophro, a Sophrology clinic based in Mayfair with an online platform. I support a wide variety of clients, individually and in groups, also working with schools and in the corporate environment. I truly believe in the power of Sophrology having so deeply benefited from it myself from an young age. I believe that the beauty and power of Sophrology lies in its simplicity, combined with the level of depth at which one wishes to practice it. It succeeds in making the art of transformation accessible to everyone, irrespective of their age, health, or personality, whether active or more contemplative, through a gradual and safe process.


I share my life between teaching Sophrology, being a mum and spreading the word about the benefits of Sophrology. I am one of the Founders of The Sophrology Network and my work has notably been featured in the Times, The Guardian, Elle, the Telegraph, Psychologies and Marie-Claire. My book The Life Changing Power of Sophrology is the first widely published book on the subject in English.


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