Delphine Morisetti

Sophrologist & Nurse

My first experience of Sophrology was in nursing school. I was immediately interested in this discipline which studies the link between body and mind and helps people developing their autonomy and resources.
Working in a hospital for several years, I saw on many occasions the importance of this link when we face health issues, and how much the body-experience of patients could influence their well-being and their state of mind.
Going to a Sophrology school was the natural and evident next step for me, to continue to provide tools for everyone, in everyday life. I followed a two-year course in one of the oldest French schools of Sophrology, the C.E.A.S. (Paris), founded by a doctor and led by many sophrologists, all experts in their fields.
During these two years, I practiced a lot for myself and I noticed the impact of Sophrology in my daily life, how deep it changed my self-knowledge and my relationship with my body and my feelings. As a mother, I also saw how sophrology gave me tools to help my son build his self-confidence, and deal with his emotions.
My vision of sophrology is strongly influenced by my nurse’s identity, and I use both skills to help my clients. The keywords of my practice are kindness and professionalism. I believe that Sophrology is a great opportunity to (re)connect with our bodies and feelings, and improve our inner resources, to live in harmony with ourselves and others.
I offer one-to-one and group sessions for everyone in London, private practices or home session.
I am particularly competent and focused in accompanying women (endometriosis and women healthcare, pregnancy and fertility treatment, intimate life, feminine empowerment,…), children from 6yrs old and people facing chronic or punctual health issues (pain, illness, medical treatment, sleep disorder…)
I am always available to answer any questions you may have so don’t hesitate to contact me!