Danielle Gourdon

Sophrology Practitioner



London and Essex

Sophrology came into my life in my late teens when I was studying for the French baccalaureat (A level equivalent) and taking my driving tests.
I was young, lacking in self-esteem and experiencing a lot of pressure. Sophrology changed my life greatly.
By practising regularly over the years, Sophrology has helped me to deal with the challenges (personal and professional) encountered at different stages of my life in a much more serene manner, feeling more confident and positive.
What I love about this technique is its simplicity. I find it so efficient. There are no constraints in its practice and it gives the potential to achieve autonomy rapidly.
Consistently hearing people around me saying how stressed, anxious or unwell they were, it seemed natural for me to take the next step and train to become a Sophrology practitioner in order to share the tools I’ve learned and used over the years to assist people find balance and harmony in their day to day life, and to improve their self-awareness and well-being.
I trained and graduated at the Sophrology Academy in Kent.
I am also a qualified practitioner in Sophrology by the FEPS (French Federation of Sophrology Professional School).
Through my workshops and also one- to-one sessions I offer you the opportunity to discover your strengths, develop your talents and potential, and enhance the quality of your life.