Claudia Colella

Sophrology practitioner FEPS


South and Central London

Art, psychology and philosophy are the background to my Sophrology practice. I studied Art and Philosophy at University, then Photography.

Art has been the foundation of my professional and personal life, nevertheless I’ve always been interested in working with people since a young age. After secondary school, I trained to volunteer in hospitals helping terminally ill patients which has been another stepping stone in my personal development.

I studied psychology as part of my Literature and Philosophy degree, which played a big role in my interest in the human mind and behaviour.

I then worked as a professional photographer for years after college which I enjoyed thoroughly and it also gave me the opportunity to work under pressure and dead lines and therefore appreciate how challenging it can be to remain focused and manage stress levels.

A few years ago, I felt I was ready to follow my desire to work with people in a different field. My original idea was to retrain as a counsellor due to my basis in psychology, but while doing my research, I came across Sophrology which seemed to combine psychology with yoga and meditation that I had been practising already for years.

One of the reasons why I decided to study Sophrology was the fact that I had been suffering with insomnia for many years, but it almost instantly disappeared when I started to practise techniques used by Sophrology on a regular basis. It truly amazed me how quickly and well it worked. I immediately become passionate about it to the extend of wanting to be a practitioner.

Those techniques also supported me enormously and built my resilience even while caring for my father in hospital during his battle with cancer until his death.

Sophrology to me is approachable by virtually anybody as it is easy to practise and does not require any specific skill.

As a Sophrology practitioner my focus is on sleep disorders, stress and anxiety as well as bereavement. My aim is to provide clients with a set of tools they can use whenever they need.

I know my own personal experience practising yoga and meditation plays an important role in the way I practise Sophrology and in what I can offer as a practitioner as well as my background in art and philosophy.

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