Claudia Colella

Sophrology practitioner FEPS and founder of Your Synergy Room

07766 631 373

South and Central London

Art, psychology, and philosophy are the backgrounds to my practice. I studied Art and Philosophy at University, then Photography. I can easily say that art is the foundation on which my life has developed and keeps developing.

It was when I first started to write poetry, a precious aspect of my entire life, that I first learnt to explore and open up to my own person. I also studied psychology as part of my Literature and Philosophy course at University, which contributed to my understanding of behaviour and conditioning.

I then worked as a professional photographer for years after college which I enjoyed thoroughly: it gave me the opportunity to work under pressure and deadlines and therefore appreciate how challenging it can be to remain focused and manage stress levels. As much as I enjoyed photography though, I always knew I wanted to work with people and support them on their life path. I came across Sophrology while in France, struggling with insomnia.

I started to practise some of the techniques used by Sophrology on a regular basis and it truly amazed me how quickly and well it worked.
Those techniques also supported me enormously and built up my resilience even while caring for my father in hospital during his battle with cancer until his death.

Sophrology to me is approachable by virtually anybody as it is easy to practise and does not require any specific skill.

Since I qualified as a Sophrologist, I worked with people from various walks of life in the UK, Europe and Thailand: some recovering from burnout, some from addictions and some from traumas, all battling with a day-to-day anxiety.

Sleep, anxiety and stress-related disorders are the areas I specialise in.

I am also a qualified TRE (trauma releasing exercise) provider which allows me to explore different approaches and modalities with my clients.

My aim as a therapist is to provide people with tools they can use anytime they need, to help them develop a sense of resilience and adaptability and with that improving their ability to cope with stress and anxiety.

As a professional working with people, I constantly learn, study and evolve my practice, getting to develop new approaches and techniques.

You can find Claudia Collela via Facebook @yoursynergyroom, her website or contact her using the details above.