Annik Glasgow

Master in Caycedian Sophrology

020 8743 0648 or 07919 658 178

West London

Some French friends first told me about Sophrology: how it helped them to cope with various challenges at different stages in their lives, from childbirth, parenting, preparing for exams and interviews etc… It seemed to me to deal with one of the central, and possibly most damaging, complications of our modern life – stress.
After spending the past twenty-five years working in marketing and communication and being mother to two sons, I decided to reconsider my approach to life.

I realised that I needed a structured support for such changes, and I therefore decided to try Sophrology; first as a patient, and latterly as a teacher, training as a sophrologist at the Academie de Sophrologie Caycedienne in Paris. I qualified in February 2010 and completed my Master in Andorra in November 2012.

What I value most in Sophrology are the techniques consisting of several sets of safe, easy-to-do physical and mental exercises to reduce stress and anxiety, reinforce positive action, bring balance and energy to the mind and body and promote well-being.

Annik Glasgow is one of The Sophrology Network’s Founders.