Angelique Peigne

Sophrologist, transformational coach, wellness consultant

07827 976 830

Hammersmith, West London

Angelique Peigne is a transformational coach, sophrologist, wellness consultant and metaphysics teacher.

I did climb the corporate ladder during my 15+ years career in FTSE 100, CAC 40 companies where I held various international senior leader positions (Manufacturing plants operations, Audit, Marketing, Hedging, Venturing, Digital Innovation, Talent programs). Great experiences, which led me to have a first-hand experience of executive leadership teams to shop floor operators, developing a strong connection to different cultures, to so many people and being as well a concrete example that it is never too late to re-create yourself.

The common thread in all my career has been my fascination for people psychology and people empowerment. I realised that the title of a role doesn’t make the person / the human. I met so many beautiful and smart people on production lines who were just about to blossom would someone give them a chance to shine, help them build-up more self-confidence.

My soul needed more. My healing abilities increased exponentially. So I decided to create my intuitive and healing practice aside my corporate career. Using Sophrology, Mindfulness, psycho-energetics, Reiki and Tibetan medicine services to help people through different ailment of life and more joyful circumstances like birth.

At one point, I saw so much distress where I was working that I supported the creation of BP Mental Well-being group in Sunbury where I volunteered to teach an Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness course for the workplace. Which ended up being quite transformative for the participants (you can read testimonials on my website). I witnessed so many burn-out around me, and I, myself, went through a tough phase too, which allows me to relate at a deeper to what life can throw at one’s face. I want to bring more humanness, kindness and compassion into these environments which could be soul-crashing. There is more to life and we can all welcome back purpose, meaning and joy.

My soul calling became stronger and I decided in January 2019 to leave my corporate career and work full-time on my intuitive and wellness practice. I founded AP collectif which develops wellness offers and courses for:

  • Individuals:
  • WomanHood (dear subject to my heart): supporting, preparing and healing for abortion, miscarriage, giving birth and postpartum. (I am as well an antenatal and Hypnobirthing teacher). See for more details:
  • Events preparation: helping artists manage their stress and anxiety before their concerts; supporting athletes to prepare for semi-marathon, triathlon; coaching people to prepare for job interview and assessment centers (preparing their pitch as well as managing their stress and anxiety).
  • Sickness support
  • Business (Small, Medium, Large, Start-Up, Accelerators): mental wellness strategy, Anxiety and Stress Management course & sessions, Creativity Development, 1-1 self-confidence & coaching modules.
  • Academia (University, Business & Engineering schools):
  • Students: Manage stress anxiety and improve concentration and memory during exams
  • Staff: self-development, Mental wellness (Stress & Anxiety), preparation for public speaking

    I do my individual sophrology and healing sessions and courses in English and French. In face-to-face or via Skype, Zoom, Google hangout.

    If you want to know more about my group sessions or courses (Eg: reiki course, women groups, developing emotional intelligence and intuition), check out the events section of my website: