About Us

The Sophrology Network was founded in London in 2011 by Caycedian Sophrologists Brigitte Rinner, Fatou Lefeuvre, Florence Pasteur, Dominique Antiglio and Annik Glasgow.

Having all trained in continental Europe with the Founder of Sophrology, Professor Alfonso Caycedo and her daughter Natalia Caycedo, the creators of the Sophrology Network shared a common vision to help spread Sophrology in the UK.

Since its creation, the network has grown, contributing to making Sophrology more known in the UK and welcoming more qualified practitioners, who all share the same passion for the method.

The Sophrology Newtork welcomes a wide variety of Sophrologists, from different trainings. Today at the Sophrology Network, we have Sophrologists in a number of locations throughout the UK and we can accomodate English and French speakers. By uniting our different backgrounds, interests and specialties, we all share the vision of enriching the profession and what we can offer to the people interested in discovering the practice of Sophrology.

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